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        Why not to take up topics on workplace related dashboards and re-design them . Each week one will share the dashboard style from their  workplace they would like to change completely and take out more information(sharing real data is not possible dummy with superstore can be)  with proper visualization rather than boring tables that shows lat 4 weeks last 6 months and last  4 quarters . which can be also achieved in excel and breaking the norm of  converting tableau to look like excel but use the power of tableau. What say. ?

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          Alicia Bembenek

          I didn't have a mentor for the first few months of my Tableau journey, but then I reached out to Mike Cisneros to be my mentor. Mike was SO HELPFUL!


          I think a lot of people are unsure of how to get started with mentorship. Mike and I learned a lot from how we structured our own mentorship. We gave a talk about it at TC18.


          In case anyone would like to know more about getting started with mentorship, here's the talk:

          The benefits of finding (and being) a Tableau mentor - YouTube


          And here's my blog post recaps of the talk:

          How to Find a Tableau Mentor – Dreams of Data

          So you Found a Tableau Mentor — Now What? – Dreams of Data 

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            Sharon Resheff

            I was starting out with Tableau and went to my local TUG and happened to hear a fantastic speaker at that event - Keith Helfrich. I was so impressed with his talk that I messaged him on LinkedIn and we scheduled to chat. Keith offered to mentor me while I helped him with his business operations. In less than a year he facilitated my starting to work as a Tableau consultant and got me my first gig. I'm very grateful for this successful mentorship relationship and I consider it a success. If you are new or unsure - I encourage you to take the leap out of your comfort zone and approach others that inspire you. No one is going to do it for you Also, be open and think of ways you can help your to-be mentor.

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