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    Creating Control Charts in Tableau

    Jeffrey Shaffer

      There was a question at our last user group meeting about creating I-MR (and Xbar) charts in Tableau. There are detailed instructions posted by Ben Jones in this blog post here. Ben is the Manager of Tableau Public and is also the author of Communicating Data with Tableau here. Chapter 7 has details on what these are, when to use them and how to create them in Tableau. Also, Stephen Few's latest book called Signal here is heavily focused on these charts are well (not related to Tableau).


      Keep in mind that the rules for control charts are not built into Tableau, so they would have to be created individually. I have done control charts in a number of tools. My favorite control charts are in JMP (SAS). We are an R shop, so my current tool of choice for control charts is actually Minitab, but that's really the only thing useful to me in Minitab. There are also a number of packages for control charts in R, check out qcc here.


      My recommendation is if you are presenting the data or just need some basic SPC analysis then Tableau could work for you, but if doing lots of SPC then you might want to consider some sort of statistical tool.


      I hope you find this information helpful.