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    Do you have standards you follow when building visualizations?

    Jeff Meteyer

      As UR is getting deeper into building more complex visualizations that have longevity, its becoming apparent we need to document how the visualization is built as well as what were the requirements gathered. We need to ensure that the visualization can go on long after the author(s) have left, and how to modify when necessary.

      Some of the items we are looking to capture include:

      • Data source/extract modeling and connectivity
      • Data definitions and integration with "Data Cookbook"
      • Construction logic ( type of visual, interactivity such as actions, filtering)
      • Data examination and cleanliness assessment
      • Data Refresh scheduling
      • Initial data requirements
      • Customer/User feedback capture
      • security modeling considerations ( with external/internal data and custom security groups)

      If you've gone down this path, would love to hear from you!! All answers shared