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    How do I count cases matching a calculation over time?

    Jon-Paul Herron

      I'm relatively new to Tableau, especially issues related to partitioning.   So after searching through the forums on this issue, I think I've only gotten myself more confused.  I have a datasource for trouble ticket data, with fields like date opened and date closed.  I've attached a GREATLY simplified table version of the kind of data I'm using as a CSV, but here's a simple view of it:


      1005/30/2015  2:31:16 PM7/16/2015  12:09:50 AM


      5/30/2015  2:41:16 PM
      1028/14/2015  9:44:45 PM
      1037/16/2015  11:09:50 AM7/16/2015  12:09:50 AM
      1047/16/2015  11:33:35 AM


      What I'm trying to show is a bar chart where each bar represents the # of tickets which are open and have been open for more than 5 days as of the end of that month.  So, for the data above, I'd like to see bars like this: may - 0, June - 2 (100 & 101 are both still open as of 6/30), July - 2 (100 & 103 closed, but 102 and 104 are open), and August - 3.


      I can show a single bar relative to the current date with a simple filter, but I don't know how to make it relative to each specific time period.  Any help would be great!