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    Interesting finding about Alias fieldnames for published data sources in 9.0

    Joe Oppelt

      As noted in this thread:


      Was the aliases feature removed with Tableau 9.0?


      We can no longer set alias values for fields in published data sources.  (This was a change from 8.3 to 9.0).


      Curiously enough, if I created a workbook in 8.3 and if I had set some aliases in 8.3, upon conversion to 9.0 the aliases are preserved.

      that's not so bad, I guess, but I ran into a request to change the name back to the original value.  In 9.0 I can't get to the Alias edit feature (at least not that I can find.)


      Here is what I did though.

      I edited the .TWB in notepad and searched for the string that was my alias name.  I found this:


            <column datatype='string' name='[:Measure Names]' role='dimension' type='nominal'>


                <alias key='&quot;[Advertising Sales (FOF)].[usr:Calculation_3371223110501712:qk:1]&quot;' value='Expense  FYTD' />

                <alias key='&quot;[Advertising Sales (FOF)].[usr:Calculation_3371223110501712:qk]&quot;' value='Expense YTD' />

                <alias key='&quot;[Advertising Sales (FOF)].[usr:Calculation_4501223120302195:qk:5]&quot;' value='Net Income FYTD' />

                <alias key='&quot;[Advertising Sales (FOF)].[usr:Calculation_4501223120302195:qk]&quot;' value='Net' />

                <alias key='&quot;[Advertising Sales (FOF)].[usr:Calculation_7921223115108449:qk:3]&quot;' value='Income  FYTD' />

                <alias key='&quot;[Advertising Sales (FOF)].[usr:Calculation_7921223115108449:qk]&quot;' value='Income YTD' />




      I selected all lines from <aliases> through </aliases> (inclusive of the tags) and deleted them.  Saved that with a new name.txb, and opened it.


      Sure enough, my aliases on that sheet were gone.


      My guess is that I could probably figure out how to add the same sort of thing if I ever wanted to introduce new aliases for fields in a published datasource in 9.0, though I have no intentions of doing so.  Maybe someone more adventurous than I am will try that.