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    Performance Recording - comparing v8 and v9

    Chris McClellan

      I'm trying to compare performance recordings between v8 and v9 on some workbooks.  I've got a stack of questions that I need answered.  Basically, my gut feel is that v9 is faster, I've read the docs that v9 is faster, but I need to create a good business case proving that v9 is faster on certain workbooks (in-house long-running workbooks) in a certain environment.


      I've done performance recordings in v8 and v9.  I can see that v8 processes queries in a serial fashion, and v9 processes them parallel, but I can't quantify these results properly and at the moment the results are showing that v8 is faster than v9 (and I know that's wrong).


      Basically I need to compare v8 and v9 performance recordings for the same workbook side by side to show (easily) that v9 processes a lot faster and more efficiently.

      Does anyone have experience in this area ?