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    Is there a way to stop the username for LDAP authentication from auto-filling with the publishers?

    Brit Cava



      Our company has a series of dashboards hosted on a portal that has a userbase of ~300. The dashboards contain sensitive data that only certain users are enabled to see. For example/dicussion purposes, users can only look at trends for markets they're responsible for. To control this, we have a reference table in our DB system that joins to the table that populates the dashboard. Users authenticate into the dashboard with LDAP and are then able to see only the data which their authorized to.


      The issues we've run into is that once the dashboards are deployed into production, the authentication screen pre-fills the username field with whomevers ID published the dashboard (see attached image for example). We believe that many users are forgetting/not realizing they need to clear out the username and replace it with their own before entering their password. Thus, our DB admins are getting numerous accounts of bad log-ins associated with some of our developers IDs. It's happening very frequently and is cause for alarm because we need to be able to monitor malicious attempts.


      Does anyone have any reccomended solutions for how we can stop the publishers username from auto-filling and instead be empty?


      Thanks in advance for any direction!