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    Calculated fields are returning null values after switching to TDE created by Clover ETL.

    Forrest Adam

      Had a model established using imported Excel file that was created by Clover.   Calculated fields had been created and were working just fine.  We now upgraded Clover ETL to where it can create a Tableau TDE file directly and thus skipping the Excel import steps.  Created new workbook accessing new TDE file.  Re-created the exact same calculated fields and now they are returning NULL values for the calculation.  Double checked data layout and it matches exactly (names and data types), Double checked the calculation and it is valid and matches the old calculation.  Double checked the fields being used by the calculation and they have values in them.


      My question is this..

      Now that Clover is creating a TDE directly how do I retain my calculated fields since we are no longer doing an extract to create the TDE.  It would appear the calculated fields are being adversely affected by this switch.