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    Attaching Workbook for Publishing Via REST API

    Michael Nguyen

      Hey guys,


      I'm new to the REST API and had a question regarding how the workbook file is sent as part of the request body for publishing. I have the URI and other values correct, but have no idea how to pass my file as part of the request. I've tried sending the file as text to no avail, and I'm having a hard time finding in-depth examples. It'd be nice to see an entire working body of code. I'm using VB.NET.


      From the documentation:



      Content-Disposition: name="request_payload"

      Content-Type: text/xml



        <workbook name="workbook-name" showTabs="show-tabs-flag"

        <connectionCredentials name="connection-username" password="connection-password"

        embed="embed-flag" />

        <project id="project-id"/>




      Content-Disposition: name="tableau_workbook"; filename="workbook-file-name"

      Content-Type: application/octet-stream


      content-of-workbook-file <-this part