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    data extract missing information


      I am having issues with missing information subsequent to creating a data extract. I have four MySQL tables that I am joining together to create the required views. Everything looks good, data is all present -- then I make an extract from the data set -- and it appears one of the tables that has product details is always missing.


      I am not doing any filtering, aggregation, etc when performing the extract -- having Tableau extract full data.

      Using Tableau Version 9.


      Are there any constraints I need to be aware of when performing an extract when the data source is a multi-table join?

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          Hey Wes,


          The first thing I would verify is that there are no data source filters (they aren't obvious as they don't show up on the data connection page):


          1. Right-click on the data source name in the data pane and select Extract Data.



          2. In the Filters box, ensure there are no filters.



          3. If there are filters, select each filter and click Remove



          4. Under Number of Rows, ensure that All rows is selected



          5. Click extract


          If the steps above don't work, I would contact support@tableau.com and let them know about this issue as it may be a bug.