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    User Permission: Publisher vs Write/Web Save

    Alexander Mou

      Regarding a single workbook, we can give a user Permissions as Write/Web Save:


      "Overwrite the item on Tableau Server. When allowed, the user can re-publish a workbook or data source from Tableau Desktop, thereby becoming the publisher and gaining all permissions. Subsequently, the original publisher's access to the workbook is determined by that user's group permissions--and any further permissions the new publisher decides to set."

      Sounds like that as soon as this permission is set, the user becomes a publisher for that workbook.

      But it seems not. The user still can't overwrite the workbook.

      I have to set his role to be publisher and even as the owner of the workbook. This seems a bit redundant.

      Can someone help explain what the right settings is?

      All I want to do is I publish a workbook the first time, then someone else can edit and overwrite it when never he wants. But it is limited to this workbook only.