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    Dynamic Venn Diagram in Tableau

    chandra banerjee

      Hi All.


      I would like create a Venn Diagram. it should be controlled by filter(Dimensions).Once a dimension is checked it should populate the circle and overlap with existing circle if there is any overlapping data.


      Kindly help me to do the same.



      Chandra Shekhar

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          Tom W

          Please read the 'Suggested Reading' in the top right hand corner on the frontpage of the forums for some tips on how to ask the best question.


          You need to create a Tableau Packaged Workbook to show your data structure and what you've actually managed to achieve so far. For example, do you have a base venn diagram to work with or are you starting from scratch? If you're starting from scratch, I'd suggest you lookup how to create a venn diagram first and build on that example, because it isn't overly straight forward.