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    Displaying weighted deltas?

    Lance Dacey

      Hello. Is there a better way to display performance deltas?


      I am measuring the performance of different dimensions (in this case Locations) on the same issue types. I create a calculated field to measure the difference between Dimension 2 and Dimension 1, and then I multiply that delta by the number of total opportunities. The final value is basically the rank of which Issue type has the largest difference between the different Locations.


      (ZN([Performance]) - LOOKUP(ZN([Performance]), -1))*sum([Opportunities])


      This basically works but it takes up a lot of room. I have 7 different dimensions (locations) that I want to compare. I want to know where my location is performing significantly worse or better than other locations (this would point out what I need to focus on) - which issue types are causing the overall delta in performance the most?

      Performance Delta.jpg


      I would like this to be cleaned up as much as possible. I would have several of these graphs to represent different Performance Metrics.