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    Image export not showing all fields - how can I make a user friendly 1 click data export from a filtered dashboard?

    Sharon Boston

      We would like our user to have a 1 click data extract using an image - I have tried embedding the URL and naming the worksheets, but only the measures appear.  Any recommendations on how to accomplish this?


      Example - You have Category and then sub Category, sales and profit plus a comments field.  When you are looking at category you can drill down to sub categories with X filter based on another dimension.  Now I want to click on an image and download the underlying data (columns that I specify) with one click (not using tooltip or the icon in Server).


      You might have Categories that include Appliances and Bookcases - I might filter down to Returned Bookcases - now I want to click on an image and see Customer Name, order date, category, item, and Call notes download automatically in a csv based on that filtered view.