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    Tableau desktop client hangs while publishing a dashboard on Tableau server

    Kishan Bhadauria

      Hi Champs,


      This is a weird problem that I am facing since yesterday. We had a perfectly working fine dashboard that had around 14 worksheets embedded in. I was able to deploy it last week without any issues and it is still working fine on Tableau server. Yesterday my team member did some changes on that dashboard using his desktop client(added 2 donut charts, some colors and label change etc.). Now we are not able to deploy it, as soon as we hit ‘publish ’ button, it hangs without any errors and finally we have to kill it.


      Strange thing is, if I apply a filter to this dashboard and then publish…it does fine. But the problem is, the users see by default that filter applied data. Which is confusing them.


      Any body has faced this ? Please advise.