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    Calculate Inventory on Hand

    Deepak Mehrotra



      I want to calculate  inventory on hand which is equal to (Inventory) - (Sales) + (Return) - (Damage) + (Inbounds) but  I have a situation where starting point for my inventory is 6-23-15 but my sales data is from 2013 ., I want to calculate inventory in hand as of date i.e.    '7-2-15' which is equal to Inventory. - Sales (since 6-23-15).


      I have attached tableau worksheet for the same. It has inventory on hand coming with straight formula as stated above but number are coming weird as starting point of inventory is 6-23-15 and sales has date back to 2013. I don't wan to out date filter on worksheet as I need other fields on this worksheet.


      Please suggest