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    Joining datasources on calculated/derived fields

    Anjana Venugopalan



      I'm new to Tableau and would like some inputs on the below situation.


      I have 2 datasources

      Datasource1 which has EmployeeId as the key

      Datadource2 which has a column Employee- which is EmployeeId followed by EmployeeName(no spaces between).


      For me to join Datasource1 to Datasource 2 ,on EmployeeId, I would need to first create a CalcEmployeeId(using Left(Employee,5)).

      and then make a join of Datasource1.EmployeeId to Datasource2.CalcEmployeeId


      But Birst doesnt seem to allow this, Please advise how do I go about joining Datsource 1 and Datasource2 by Employee Id?


      Appreciate any thoughts on this.