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    Do you use Tableau Public?

    Kristen Hamilton

      Hi everyone,


      We are starting to talk about using Tableau Public at our institution.  Are you using it, or have you decided NOT to use it? Please comment with your thoughts and any examples of how you are using Tableau Public.

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          K Muntean

          We are currently building a Langara FAQ for distribution through Tableau Public. This will contain high-level summaries of the most commonly requested headcount, seatcount and demographics data for public consumption. It will replace the static PDF Langara at a Glance report currently posted on Langara's IR webpage.

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            Mark Fraser

            Hi Kristen


            We use Tableau Public but only for very specific things - because of data security.

            We use Public for anything we are happy to share with anyone, for all other stuff we keep it on Server so we can administer login/ security.


            In practice -

            I upload vizes to Public, on our company site we have a link/ mirror to Public, which allows us to get a Guest account for free vs buying a core license which is prohibitively expensive. Guest User

            Public is almost always available and we don't have the hassle/ costs of hosting.


            At least one English Council puts all their publications on Public, and it works really well. Although, I can't find it now, sorry!

            found it >> | Tableau Public     (its Leicestershire County Council)


            We do have Desktop Pro to create content, Public Desktop is too restrictive for our needs.


            Hope that helps!




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              Melinda Horvath

              Hi Kristen,


              Similar to Langara, at CNC we are just using Tableau Public to host documents that would have been shared on our public website anyway. We just put our first item up today, and we are still testing some issues with sizing and slow load times on different devices.


              I've used APPSO/DACSO data here, and first made my table and all calculations in Tableau directly connected to the raw data. Then I exported it out to Excel (there manually copy/pasted the APPSO/DACSO together into one sheet, removed any low n programs) and then used that Excel workbook as my data source for this document.


              It took some playing around with dashboard sizing to be able to get it to fit on our website properly, and it doesn't have nearly as many columns as I would have liked it to have - it just became too cluttered, so instead I've put a lot of that data in tooltips.The other thing we're thinking about doing is instead adding an extra tab for all the About stuff to go, though I do prefer having on the same page in hopes that it'll actually get read this way.


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