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    Stephen Franklin

      Greetings User Group Members,


      My name is Stephen Franklin and I am CTO of LeanKit,Inc. based in Franklin, TN.  LeanKit (leankit.com) offer a SaaS product that helps organizations improve efficiency by leveraging Lean and systems thinking.  Our service allows organizations ranging from one person shops to Fortune 10 corporations to visualize their workflow and manage work visually through that workflow.  LeanKit was started in 2009 as a "nights and weekends" project and became a full-time endeavour for the founders in 2011.  Since then we have grown to 70+ employees serving over 400k users.


      My purpose for reaching out is that in the past year, we have become OEM partners with Tableau and have since leveraged Tableau both by embedding Tableau into our system as our data visualization platform and leveraging Tableau for our custom reporting solution for our customers.  Thus we have a major investment in the Tableau platform and would be thrilled to grow the Tableau community here in middle Tennessee.  We are growing our analytics team very quickly and are looking for opportunities to share our experiences and learn from other's experiences.


      Therefore I am offering our services in any way to help grow the size and activity of this community.  We can offer meeting space and User Group sponsorships to help in this effort.  We can also have numerous people here that can assist in the organizational efforts. 


      Please feel free to contact me at stephen.franklin@leankit.com or on Twitter at @leankitstephen if there is any interest in this offer.  I will also be attending the Turning Numbers into Knowledge event on June 18th. 


      Thank you for your time,


      Stephen Franklin