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    9.0 upgrade - tip if you are using the javascript API

    Jeff Strauss

      We successfully upgraded over the w/e, yay!!!!


      One issue we did run into was with our existing client access portal that references the javascript API on our server.  Lesson learned: as part of the testing and deployment, update the reference to the new version of the API tableau-2.0.0.js.  Yes, the old version (tableau_v8.js) is backward compatible, and this is what we tested with and rolled out with, however being that it is the identical reference as in our old 8.3.x deployment, we believe the old version was cached (for our prod deployment) within the client's browser and therefore the new version was not pulled and referenced and there's something within the cached version that 9.0 did not get along with.  The short term fix was to have our client's clear their browser cache so then the new version of tableau_v8.js could be pulled from the server.  The obvious longer term (now to be expedited) fix is to modify the portal to reference the tableau-2.0.0.js