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    Joining Fact with Dimensions

    Himanshu Jaggi


      I'm new to Tableau and wondering if anyone could help me out with the below query.

      I have created a data warehouse that has one fact table and multiple dimensions. Almost all the dimension could be joined easily except the date and time dimension. I require your help in guiding me how to do so in Tableau. Essentially, we're creating a dashboard that would be requiring user inputs for displaying the insights.

      • Fact table has DateTime field and is of the format: "2015-01-31 23:10:49.4020000"
      • Date Dimension has Date field and is of the format: "2015-01-01 00:00:00.000"
      • Time Dimension has Time field and is of the format: "00:01:43 AM"

      I need to join all these tables, but I'm not too sure how to join this in tableau. Or, if there is any other alternative, please feel free to put across.