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    Stop dashboard sections stretching when increasing page size

    James Carmichael

      Hi all,


      Title says it all really. Every time I increase the Y access on my dashboard to give myself more space, the content sections and sheets stretch to fill the space. I have to go back to and resize everything each time I want to add another section to my Dashboard.


      Is there any way to lock section sizes and placement?


      Thanks as always for your help!



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          Nicholas Hannan

          Hi James,


          Yes, views on your dashboard will often times automatically re-size to fit its container. If you take something out, views may become larger. If you drag and drop a new view somewhere in the dashboard, other views may shrink to allow enough space. Even if you adjust the height of a dashboard and the existing view(s) fill up the new space, you can still drag in your other worksheets.


          Locking placement:


          With a floating object, you can set the X, Y, height, and width. Most of the time it will remain placed properly when the width of the dashboard changes.


          With a non-floating object, you cannot specifically lock in a placement. The placement is dependent on how you organize the views and containers in the dashboards, and where you place new views.


          Locking section sizes:


          If you put a view inside a Vertical or Horizontal container, you can set a fixed height (in Vertical containers) or a fixed with (in Horizontal containers).

          Vertical Horizontal.png


          When your view is in one of these containers, click the view, then on the down caret in the top-right menu. You'll find the option to "Edit Height" or "Edit Width", depending on the container.

          Fixed Height.png


          If you need any further explanation on layouts, feel free to ask.


          Here are a few topics to tell you more on layouts:


          Quick Start: Layout Containers

          Layout Containers


          Note: The Fit Selector (where you select Normal, Fit Width, Fit Height, and Entire View) may also impact automatic sizing. Be mindful of that.


          Best regards.