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    2nd TUG Meeting at Gesa Credit Union!

    Andrew Chung

      Hello all,


      Sorry for the short notice, but we are planning our 2nd TUG meeting on Thurs 6/18 at 4pm. We will have a Tableau Account Executive and a technical engineer come to the meeting to do a technical training session and a Q/A session. We will have the meeting at Gesa's training facility. After we will plan to have social hour at a nearby restaurant. Please feel free to bring your laptops to follow along. Below is the link to the Evenbrite site and the agenda. Thank you!




      Tri Cities Tableau Users Group 2nd Meeting Tickets, Richland | Eventbrite


      1. 1. Introductions


      1. 2. Technical training session


      1. 3. Q/A Session


      1. 4. Social Hour at a nearby restaurant