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    Publishing Data Sources onto Tableau Server and build reports and moving them onto a Different Environment

    Lazy Rambler



      We presently have two server - Non prod and Prod.


      We want to publish the data sources onto the Tableau server and allow users to build reports out of it, instead of them directly connecting to data sources.


      My questions is: I publish the data source onto Tableau Server and then user builds a reports and published them onto Non Prod. Now, these reports get published onto Prod TS. Do I need to have the Data source published onto the Prod Tableau Server as well ? To get the report working ?


      Can I publish all my Data Sources onto my Non Prod server, ask the users to build reports, publish to Prod and would the reports still work with no Data Sources on the Prod TS?


      Assuming it works. What would happen if the Non prod TS goes down? Would the reports in the Prod TS still work ?



      I hope I have been clear enough.