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    Welcome New Members!


      Welcome to the Miami Tableau User’s Group (TUG), a group of newcomers and long-time Tableau fans dedicated to maintaining an online, collaborative community where we share ideas, seek answers to tough Tableau questions, showcase our latest visualizations

      and keep each informed about upcoming events. Feel free to actively participate in the upcoming discussions!

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          Dario Restrepo

          Hey Everybody..


          I"m in Miami and I'm really would like to reach out to others in the area who use Tableau.  I'm new but I'm really trying to get up to speed quickly with the software.  My strength is Excel and it's hard to go away from being so strong in it, to starting from scratch again.. but I know it will be worth it because Tableau will eventually make my life a lot easier.


          Anyway, hope others in the area start getting involved in this group so we can network and share best practices.


          If there are any events, please let me know so I can participate.  TABLEAU-305! 


          - Dario

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            Welcome aboard Dario!