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    Creation of Tableau Dashboard using Impala as Datasource

    Rakesh Agarwal



      I have imapla table which contains voluminous records(39885593) and need to create the dashboard using the impala table via Tableau.


      I tried to acheive this requirement in multiple ways as below


      1) Extracted the data from impala table  in Tableau extract  and then creating the dashboard.

      2) Use the Data extract initially and then switch the connection to Live connection

      3) Live Connection


      Approach 1 : Able to create the dashboard with data extract. Gives the good performance. Problem with this appoach is data is transactional data which grows everyday so if I go via this approach data extract is going to take more space in the Tableau Server.


      Approach2: Using this approach I am able to design the dashboard efficiently however when I switch the connection from data extract to Live and publish the dashboard it takes lot of time to publish the dashboard also when I view the dashboard via Tableau server for opening the dashboard in browser  takes more time.


      Approach 3: Live Connection gives very slow performance while designing and publishing the dashboard.


      If anyone has come across this kind of requiremnt can you please provide me the suggestion for the same.