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    Using data from a secondary data source in a calculated field

    Ben Hall

      Hi, I'm very much a newbie to Tableau so apologies if I'm asking something extremely obvious!


      I'm trying to pull together a file showing an index of our prices versus a competitor's prices, which I've actually done. The problem is that I'm now trying to add in a weighting of products sold, which obviously won't affect the index at an individual product level but will at total and subtotal level.


      I've actually managed to get this to work if the quantity sold figures are included on the original data file (see 'Weighted Sales - quantity included.twbx' file for a small example). The problem is that the quantity data is on a separate file (see 'Weighted Sales - quantity excluded.twbx' file). Now I've been able to connect the data using Data -> Edit Relationships and linking by product code, but I'm unable to use the quantity amounts in a calculated field.


      Is there a simple step that I'm missing out on? Ideally I wouldn't want to have to manipulate the data in Access/SQL to put the quantities on the file.