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    grand total across, don't subtotal down

    Harley Ellenberger

      In the attached workbook, I want to total my Quantity measure across the table, but I don't want to show the Quantity subtotals down the table.


      In Sheet 1, I have row grand totals turned on and I'm showing subtotals.  I'd prefer to use the measure values as I am here, I simply want to remove the Quantity subtotals that are being displayed down the table.


      In Sheet 2, I've right clicked the Quantity pill in measure values and chose 'Total Using - Hide'.  This effectively removes the Quantity subtotals down the table (good), but it also removes the Quantity grand totals across the table (bad) - I want to keep these.


      In Sheet 3, I've come up with a less than desirable workaround by using a discrete WINDOW_SUM calc to insert the totals across the table.  I'd really prefer to have the grand totals display at the right side of the table.


      Are there any other ways for getting the desired result?