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    Gantt chart

    Jeff Strauss

      Have you ever wondered how to create a visual gantt chart within Tableau desktop?  Attached is an example that shows schedules along with their start times and duration.  The key to these kinds of charts is to be able to calculate duration by finishdate - startdate.


      For us, this is reviewed quite closely and answers the question of whether our data extracts are refreshed in a timely manner and whether they can be further optimized.

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          Hello Jeff,


          this is a little bit outdated but I have to ask a question about this:


          I need a viz that shows schedules and duration just like yours BUT schedule day as x-axis and sorted by schedule day.

          I want to achieve a viz that looks somehow like stairs to show dependencies between the projects scheduling.

          e.g.: ganttExample.png


          I tried to adjust your workbook but the sorting is just not doing what it should do:


          ok I think I solved it.
          you have to add the schedule day into the rows shelf as well but FIRST, for this you need it to be discrete. sort it like you want and you got it.