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    Custom View Parameters Not Being Saved

    Ryan Francis

      When saving/remembering a custom view, some of our parameters are not always saved.

      Sometimes they do save correctly, but I cannot pinpoint a pattern, it is sporadic and inconsistent.

      These parameters are passed into the url, and are hidden on the dashboard.


      I confirmed that they are missing by looking at the encoded xml in the pg_largeobject table within postgres.


      This is ultimately affecting the subscription feature which is sending incorrect emails.


      Any ideas?

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          I noticed that your question has gone unanswered for a few weeks which can occur for a few reasons. Generally, questions that are thorough, clear, and contain screenshots/packaged workbooks are the most likely to receive responses. Keep in mind that sometimes even great questions fall through the cracks. If you are still experiencing the same issue, I recommend re-commenting on the post with more information or contacting support@tableau.com.






          P.S. If you have found a solution to the issue, feel free to post it as a response to the thread. You may end up helping another user with the same issue.