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    9.0 tabcmd RefreshExtracts no longer refreshes in foreground

    Paul Murphy

      I was wondering if anyone else came across the issue where after an upgrade to 9.0, when tabcmd is run to refresh an extract with the synchronous switch, it doesn't run that process in the foreground anymore, it adds it to the background queue, and waits for it to be worked before finishing.


      This is causing us issues in that processes are timing out (even after putting in the 9000 second limit) because our background queues can sometimes back up with larger jobs. The job will eventually get worked in the background, even if the script that calls it times out and fails.


      We also used this on an ad-hoc basis to refresh extracts on demand, but now we seem to be at the mercy of whenever the background queue gets to it. Not sure why this nice feature went away.


      Has anyone figured out a workaround to this issue?


      Any advice is greatly appreciated.