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    Arihant Jain

      Hi All,


      I am new in tableau and want some help related to sumproduct function in tableau.


      Sumproduct Formula in use in Excel:

      1.) =sumproduct(Amount in USD*Payment Days)/Sum(Amount in USD)


      2.) =Sumproduct(--(A2:A1000 ="January"),--(B2:B1000="Supplier Name"), (Amount in USD*Payment Days)/Sumproduct(--(A2:A1000="January"),--(B2:B1000="Supplier Name"), Amount in USD)


      I believe 2nd Formula can be done with filter function if I can create 1st formula in tableau.


      I have attached the data with all the required filed. Please help me how to create such formula




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          Simon Runc

          hi Arihant,


          So to get the SumProduct, the formula is actually very similar to the one you've posted!


          So from your attached the formula in Excel is




          and for all rows (unfiltered) this is 56.8


          In Tableau the formula is;


          SUM([Amount in USD]*[Payment Days])/SUM([Amount in USD])


          As you say you can then use a quick filter to just look at January, for a particular supplier (as per the attached).


          Hope this is what you were after, but if not please post back