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    8.3.1 -> 8.3.5 upgrade issue

    David M

      I just upgraded my primary and two workers to 8.3.5. Everything runs fine when tbadmin starts up. However the issue I have is that when I try and access the web login for my server (either using localhost on the server or from an outside browser) the page acts like it's loading and does nothing. When I run tabadmin stop, eventually the page will then time out like the web server is not there.


      I followed all the Tableau steps in pre upgrade checklist, upgrade checklist, etc..


      Everything looks fine in the tabadmin logs. No errors of any sort.


      From what I'm seeing, I'm guessing it's maybe a Windows issue at this point. I did realize I had 30 updates for 2008 R2. So I applied those updates to all three servers. I'm still getting no love on this. I'm running into hour 6 of this simple upgrade and I'm out of ideas.