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    A "Newbie" to tableau charting / dashboard question

    claude raiola



      I have several worksheet charts on my dashboard and I am using quick filters to dynamically filter the dashboard data


      one of the charts is department sales and when the quick filter is select to ALL each departments sales figures are displayed on the chart, the chart axisa are departments and sales $


      If I select a specific department from the quick filter list when I select a specific department I would like the chart elements to change from listing the departments / sales $ to display department employees / sales figures


      if the elements of the chart cannot dynamically change as described above by changing quick filter values OR if not is it possible to have 2 separate charts (chart 1: a department / sales $ / chart 2: department employees / sales$) on the dashboard however only one is displayed and dependant on whats selected in the quick filter can control whether chart 1 is displayed or chart 2 is displayed on the dashboard


      alternatively ( the less preferred option ) that clicking on the department in chart 1 will then refresh the chart and display the elements needed from chart 2 )


      I welcome your thoughts and input and thank you in advance