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    REST API 2.0 - allow user to query which sites they are on? (no admin credentials required)

    Mac Roach

      Hi, I'm trying to create the following functionality in an application:


      1. User enters their credentials and the address of Tableau Server
      2. From a dropdown, they select which site they would like to connect to (if their user has access multiple sites on the server)
      3. They would then have the capability to publish data sources / workbooks directly to their server the application


      The part I'm having trouble with is populating the dropdown in Step 2. Is it possible to get a list of sites that a user has access to, without needing admin credentials? I know that only admins can get the full list of sites on the server, but I am interested in getting *just* the sites associated with a given user. This was possible in an older version of the API, and I am trying to replicate this with the new API.


      Many thanks in advance!