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    Usefulness of Newbie, Tableau Desktop group.

    Toby Erkson

      Newbie, Tableau Desktop

      I wonder about the usefulness of the Newbie group.  There are many questions that are old, many have high views but low Replies, not enough are marked as Answered, and I think they should really be asked in the general Forum as they will get a much larger number of people viewing them to help.


      I dunno, it just seems too specialized and removed from the rest of the forums and it possesses no increase in user value that I can see.  Plus it's just yet another forum that we have to jump to in monitoring for questions...huh, just discovered there is a Newbie, Tableau Server as well (found it via The Crow's Nest).  I see how to get to the Newbie Desktop forum but how do you get to the Newbie Server forum?


      So, I guess the same question can be asked about the usefulness of the Newbie, Tableau Server forum as well.