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    Mirroring environments

    Brian Englebright

      Hey everyone, we are trying to figure out the best way to mirror our test environment with our production environment, and just wanted to see how some people are doing this. Any tools, ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanx!

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          Zach Leber

          For five years we've been doing the following every night and it works great: run tabadmin backup on your production server to create a .tsbak file, then run tabadmin restore *.tsbak --password --no-config --overwrite --restart on your test servers.


          This works across minor and major updates, e.g. we clone our 8.1.12 production server onto 8.1.18 and 9.0.1 every night so we know that all our new and old workbooks and extract refreshes are working on the new versions.


          A side-benefit is that this gives us low-cost high availability because if our primary 8.1 server ever crashes during the day we just point users to our backup 8.1 server which has the previous day's workbooks but the same current data. We don't use Tableau's worker server or HA tools.

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            Brian Englebright

            you guys have someone doing that manually every night, or did you automate it?

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              Zach Leber

              Windows Batch files run using Task Scheduler. Attached is the script that backs up our primary production server. It runs at 1a, and we have similar scripts that run at 2a to restore the .tsbak file onto our test servers.


              With TS9 I don't think you have to stop the server before backing it up. Might still be a good habit if you can afford it.

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                Tamas Foldi

                Mirroring complete backups sounds like an overkill, creating/restoring full backups consum quite a lot resources especially when you have large deployments. Here are my suggestions based on your skills and repo size:


                Easy/small repository (<80 GB):

                • extracts/file repository folder: periodic rsync between primary and ha
                • postgres repository: periodic pg_dump from primary to ha


                intermediate/big repository (>50 GB):

                • extracts/file repo: DFS
                • postgres repo: (multi) slave postgres replication


                Make sure you share the same crypto keys (I guess you are not using default encryption keys)


                if you have time and love to play with tableau services then move out file repo and postgres into a local linux docker container and manage incremental snapshots. that will give you not just ha but point in time recovery

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                  Toby Erkson

                  Zach Leber wrote:



                  With TS9 I don't think you have to stop the server before backing it up. Might still be a good habit if you can afford it.

                  There is no need to stop the Server during the backup with version 8.2 and higher.


                  For more info see the documentation for your version here.