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    Can I set up persistent Filter Values?

    John Glinski

      For the below bar chart, I'd like for the "State" and "US" values to be persistent, to serve as a comparison for whatever county is selected from the Quick Filter. Is it possible to hide these two variables while allowing them to always show up on the bar chart?


      Ideally, the Quick Filter would be a Single Value Dropdown for both County and State.


      Thanks for the help!



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          Sarah Slattery

          Hi John,


          I would recommended duplicating the data source to separate out the county level data and then using data blending. In this approach, you will need to create a parameter to manually enter the number for United States, so hopefully you will not need the US numbers automated. The end results looks slightly different because I use reference lines/psuedo reference lines for State and US instead of bars, but I think this facilitates comparison. Please see the attachment and the detailed instructions below.


          Using the workbook you attached:


          • Duplicate the data source then rename the original as County Level and the new one as State Level
            • Right click on data source name and select Duplicate
          • Add a data source filter to the Country Level data source filtering out any State/US records
            • Right click on data source name and select Edit Data Source Filters
            • Add filter on County and Exclude where County = "State" or "United States"
          • Add a data source filter to the State Level data source to filter out county level data
            • Add filter on County and Include where County = "State" or "United States"
          • Edit the data relationships and keep the relationship using State.
          • Pull out the Bachelors metric from State Level data source and add to the rows/columns shelf (data should be blending using State.) You should now have the county level and state level metrics displayed
          • Edit the chart types (these probably changed when you pulled out the metric)
          • Create a parameter for the United States metric and enter the value
          • Add a reference line for United States
            • Right click axis and add reference line


          I hope that works for you!