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    publish workbook independent of datasource

    Sujal Dalia

      Hi All,


      I'm running into issues while uploading Workbook that is overwriting my datasource file:


      • I have created 2 separate datasource and have published that as tde separately on Tableau for nightly auto incremental.
      • I have local copy of above 2 datasources and using that for development.


      Question I have is when I try to publish workbook it is publishing datasource with the workbook that overwrites new data. How do I just publish workbook independent of datasource?



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          Bill Lyons

          This is a good question. I had wondered the same thing before. I suspected the answer, but never took the time to be sure.


          I just ran a test, where I published a viz with a data source that hasn't been updated since 5/15 - a few days old. Before I published it, the Tableau Server view showed data for today. After I published, the Tableau Server view showed only through 5/15. So, that confirms what you say that it overwrites the new data.


          As for the question of publishing the workbook independent of the data source, I cannot find any way to do that. It is incumbent upon the user to refresh the data before publishing. Might be worth posting as an idea.


          I hope someone will correct me if I'm wrong.