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    TabJolt Application Errors while testing report.

    DhanabalaSingam Jagannathan


      We are finding issue in setting up the TabJolt Application for our Tableau Load and Performance Testing. I have described my issues and attached log from Tabjolt.


      We have followed the same procedure given in the TabJolt Installation Guide and set up the application in one of our Pre-Prod Tableau Server (12 core). Our Pre-Prod Server is a distributed server with 1 Gateway (Virtual Machine) and 1 Worker (Physical Machine).


      We are trying to yield success case for our testing. But we are facing certain issues.


      1.     We are unable to measure the PerfMon metrics from the server. We have enabled the JMX Setting in Tableau Configuration but still we get an error connection refused when it tries to collect the metrics for the process counters given in the TabJolt Config File.


      2.     The Load & Performance section is working but it works till C=50. In tonight’s run, I have got error for 50 users as well. Please refer the “TabJolt_Command_Execution_Output_50Users.txt” file.


      When we increase the numbers users to 100+ the TabJolt shows error for each thread. But when C=50, the TabJolt application does not show up any error. I have attached the command result in “TabJolt_Command_Execution_Output_100Users.txt” file.


      For C=100, please refer the “TabJolt_Results_2015-05-05_19-03-45” Folder

      For C=50, please refer the “TabJolt_Results_2015-05-06_03-40-57” Folder


      We are not sure why the errors are throwing. Is there a way where we can figure out what is causing this error. We need to identify whether it is an error from TabJolt Application or because of Tableau Server or Database Error.

      The report we are using for testing uses Live Connection to Vertica Database.


      3.     I have also noticed that the script logins to the Tableau Server with the user account given in the “ServerTestConfig.yaml” file. I can see multiple instances as Active users in the Admin Dashboard in Tableau Server but not the guest. My understanding is it should use “Guest” user account if we enabled “Enable Guest User” in the configuration. Please correct me if I am missing anything


      4.     We are wanting to do Load testing for approximately 400 users. But the CPU% reaches 100% when we give the counter C=50.


      We really need your guidance to set the tabljolt application in our Macys. We are so excited to use this amazing tool which we are waiting for long time. We are happy to provide the tableau server logs if required.