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    Pass in ID field, change filter of text field

    Caleb Benningfield

      Hello all,


      I am working on a dashboard full of sales rep data. It has a filter to show emails sent by a given sales rep. The dropdown shows the name and ID of the sales rep.


      We are trying to generate these reports using TabCMD and passing in the sales rep via URL. Because the string for a sales rep name is something like "[CH-01344] Gołędowski, Tomasz", I'm unable to encode that and pass it in via URL. As a result, we are trying to pass in their ID, which is a uint.


      When I pass it in on the URL (example: ?SalesRepId=4), it filters all of the data on my dashboard but the dropdown for SalesRep just says "All" (even though I removed the abilty to select "all" from the filter.


      I would expect that the dropdown would show only the valid value, rather than (All) with the ability to select only one name.


      Is there a way I can link the fields? Maybe an action I can create to appropriately change what name shows up when the ID is passed in?