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    how to quantify events occuring on road map layer

    Chris Verlaan

      Dear people from the Tableau forum,


      As of november,  I work at a public health department in the netherlands, as a data scientist. Part of my employment is with the regional ambulance service, where I create dashboards to monitor the efficiency and workload of the ambulance personnel.


      For one of these dashboards, I would like to be able to quantify the number of crash accidents taking place on the main roads, across time.

      Is there someone who recognizes this type of question and can help me towards a solution, or a similar forum post with suggestions? Is this something that would even be possible with Tableau, or should I use something like QGIS to assess such a question?


      Thanks in advance,


      Chris Verlaan, GGD Flevoland, Netherlands


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          Bill Lyons

          When you say you want to "quantify the number of crash accidents..." That implies you want to create data where none exists. Is that what you mean? If so, Tableau cannot do that. Do you have a data set for such accidents? If so, then Tableau is a great tool to help you visualize that data.


          There are many ways Tableau can help visualize accident locations over time. If you can attach a packaged workbook (twbx), we can suggest some solutions.


          However, before attempting a visualization, the biggest question that must be answered is, "What is your goal?" For example, are you wanting to show problem roadways? Maybe the best location to station ambulances? Or the response time to various accident locations? Without a goal, any visualization will be an exercise in futility.