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    _background_tasks link incorrect for multi-site installs

    Dana Withers

      Hi Everyone,


      In case anyone else runs into this issue:

      Using the ReadOnly user I'm creating further reports to help analyse the Tableau Server. For one of my views I'm using _background_tasks and decided to use the "link" field as it should give a relevant URL for object - It doesn't.

      This link field is not set up correctly: it links to any object of the same name, but doesn't take into account the server that object is on. Background tasks are run on the server and not site-specific, but they are made site specific by the object that they refer to. Unfortunately that is not taken into account in the _background_tasks view.


      I've logged this with the Tableau support but I'm very surprised by their answer: Apparently they believe the link is not viable by design.

      Un-Tableau like design in my opinion but heyho .


      In case you want to report on multiple sites and use _background_tasks: ignore the link and build your own.

      It is not reliable at best (it might point to an object with the same name on a different site) and broken for the rest.


      Thanks !


      Update: Matt from TechSupport called to discuss this further and has decided it might need to be looked at as a defect after all.