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    Unique Leadership Opportunity for Data Viz Expert

    Vicki Reinhard

      Convergys Analytics Solutions

      Tableau Data Visualization Developer

      To apply, email: vicki.reinhard@convergys.com


      Candidate Profile

      Convergys Analytics Solutions is targeting highly motivated individuals in our downtown Cincinnati location with a passion to succeed, possessing strong technical skills and an eagerness to lead. Professionalism, attention to detail, and a persistent focus on quality and accuracy are required to be successful at Convergys.


      Convergys Analytics Solutions is looking for a Tableau Data Visualization Developer in our Cincinnati headquarters to design, develop and support our Tableau production processes.  This position will:

      • Develop and design Tableau reports and databases.
      • Suggest and create best practice data visualizations for Customer Satisfaction survey research data.
      • Develop standard processes for data setup; report creation and report production in Tableau.
      • Be primarily responsible for report and data sharing via Tableau Server.
      • Be responsible for overall efficiency of Tableau report creation
      • Develop and maintain standards and documentation
      • Have the vision to potentially define and build a team to manage report production



      • 5-7 years+ of Tableau data visualization experience
      • Experience with Tableau Server administration
      • Proven knowledge of physical database structures and experience managing and tuning databases for performance
      • Unix/Linux knowledge a plus
      • Effective Communication with Technical and Non-Technical Team Members
      • Dedication to Quality and Accuracy
      • Solid Organizational Skills
      • Flexibility
      • Strong Leadership Potential
      • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science or equivalent field