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    Tableau Consultant For Hire in London -  Contract ASAP

    Anmol Sunsoa

      I provide simple easy but effective Business Intelligence Solutions to help create a " 'Viz' for your 'Biz'".

      Allowing you to see your data jump out of the screen and help you understand the logic and make sense thus enhancing the data exploring and interrogation experience.

      Client side Admin of Tableau Desktop 8.1-8.2 and now 8.3

      Manage Data Extracts & Schedules

      Data Requirements for capacity planning

      Documentation and Process diagrams

      Create & Manage Tableau Reports

      Create & Manage Tableau Dashboards and Visualisations

      Troubleshooting All Dashboard issues

      Client side Admin of Tableau Server

      Manage Users - Add Delete users

      - Manage permissions

      Publish to Server

      Tableau Desktop Skills

      - Management & Creation of Advanced Dashboards

      - Excel logic in Tableau

      - Conduct User Training

      - Troubleshoot all user issues/ liaise with Tableau

      - Manage connections

      - ODBC

      - SQL Server 2012

      Streamlining and automating data

      Transforming information into Data and introducing Business Logic

      Data Governance

      Data Mining

      Data Cleansing

      Data Visualisation

      Dashboard solutions in Tableau

      Excel Analysis Reports & Dashboards