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    Mapping Arcs Between Points with Dimension(s)

    Scott Wiederhold

      Paths and Colors and Labels, oh my!


      I'm trying to create a map that connects various points, and when 2 points are "traveled" between multiple times I would like the color of the arc to be a measure of my choosing (sum, average, percentile, etc.).  So far, based on all the videos I've watched, the only way I can figure out how to solve this is to have the arc path be the color of the name of the arc (e.g. A-B), and in the tooltip show the calculated measure.


      My explanation above may be confusing, so I put together the attached example. Let's say we had two airplanes that were going to make three flights each. In this case I'm using zip codes for simplicity. The first airplane flies from Northern California - Denver - Dallas - New York. The second airplane flies from Los Angeles - Denver - Dallas - Miami. The map currently has the arcs that I wan't, and I have the ability on the Denver - Dallas leg, which was used by both trips, to have a measure in the tooltip. But, as you can see, each arc is color coded by it's name. Instead, I want each to be colored based on the measure of Flow (currently a count).


      Any help that the community could provide would be greatly appreciated. I can't watch another instructional video without losing my mind! If the underlying format of the data has to change that's just fine. I have a specific project I'd like to apply this mapping technique to, and I can structure the data however it needs to be in order to work best for this use-case.