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    Tableau 9.0 is now available

    paul van zwalenburg

      Tableau 9.0 is now available to everyone with current maintenance. You can download it from the Customer Account Center.

      The theme of Tableau 9 is "Smart Meets Fast," so in Tableau 9 we’ve added a number of features that make the product smarter about what you’re doing: from automatic data prep to help you get data into your analysis, to more analytics features, to smart maps with geographic search. And across that entire analytic flow, we’ve invested heavily in performance. And finally, we’ve rewritten Tableau Server and Tableau Online to help you share your findings and collaborate with data.


      See what's new in Tableau 9.0


      You can find a list of fixes and other changes in Tableau 9 on the  Release Notes  page.


      If you have any questions about this upgrade please contact Customer Service.