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    Worksheet URL Action to an SSRS report

    Nathan Elliott

      I am evaluating Tableau to replace our SSRS dashboards.


      I'm very excited about using this product.  It's amazing. However I've hit a roadblock that I can't seem to figure out on my own.


      We have a requirement to drilldown to very large (columns and rows) reports and having that data inside the actual Tableau workbook is prohibitive so we we want to use our current SSRS detail reports as the drilldowns.


      I can do this using the Worksheet URL Action.


      I have a couple issues however:

      1) I can't seem to find a way to include the values selected in a filter

      2) I can't seem to find a way to only include the items in the URL if they have selected something other than ALL (the ALL list would be too long to fit in a URL)

      2) I can't seem to find a way to include a field in the datasource but not visible on the worksheet



      I'm attaching a very stripped down version of the real dashboard I created.


      I have an Address Filter that contains many values.


      My URL is:



      1) How would I get the list of values selected from my Address filter?  I'm only seeing datasource fields when I hit the right arrow

      2) How could I exclude the list completely if All is selected as the list of Addresses would be far too long for a URL to handle.

      3) How would I get the list of AddressId (key value for each Address on each row for each Address in the datasource) instead of Address since I want to pass key values to the SSRS report and not the readible Address you see in the filter itself (I can't seem to get the URL to show up if I use a field from the datasource that is not visible on the worksheet




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          Joe Oppelt

          Attached is a simple sample workbook using sheet data un a URL. (It just goes to Google and searches for the department you clicked on.)


          I show it two ways.  The first builds the hyperlink in a calc field, and then just uses the calc field in place of the URL in the action.

          The second inserts the department field into the URL in the action.


          The problem I see is that you don't want to pass just one value to the URL.  You want to splice in 100 values if that's what the user selects.  If that's true,  ummm ... we'll have to work on something.  I'm not sure if you can do it that way.  But before I put time into that, let's be sure that's what you really want to do.