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    Help with Load Balancer configuration

    Navaladi Natesan

      I'm very new to Tableau Admin. I have a distributed cluster with 1 primary and 1 worker. I have been provided with the F5 load balancer. I tried configuring it based on http://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/server/en-us/help.htm#distrib_lb.htm


      When I try the load balancer URL, it is giving me an empty page.


      1. tabadmin set gateway.public.host "tableau.MO.com:8783" (which is our Tableau URL).

      2. added the port

      3. tabadmin set gateway.trusted ""

      4. tabadmin set gateway.trusted_hosts "www.lb.com" (New URL for Load Balancer).

      after config and restart of the server, the LB URL is still giving me blank, where as tableau.MO.com:8783 continues to work fine.


      Any ideas? I'm really new to the Tableau.