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    Trusted Connection using a Load Balancer F5 URL




      I have setup trusted connection and can test successfully using the "Trusted_Connection.html", getting the token back here..

      However I have a load balancer (F5) URL on top of Tableau Server, if I try to use this F5 URL , I get the "Resource not found" Error.


      any ideas why I get the above error when using F5 URL?


      I have added below to the configuration using Tabadmin...


      tabadmin set wgserver.trusted_hosts "10.xxx.xx.xx, 10.xxx.xx.xx"  -- Webservers added


      tabadmin set gateway.public.host "visualanalyticsdev.ert.com" --- Loadbalancer URL


      tabadmin set gateway.trusted "" --- IPv4 address or computer name of the load balancer:


      tabadmin set gateway.trusted_hosts "visualanalyticsdev.ert.com" ---alternate names for the load balancer

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          Brent Flyberg

          Hi Senthilkumar,


          I'm not sure what's happening, but I have some information and a troubleshooting step that may help:


          The "Resource not found" error is generally a result of insufficient disk space on the Tableau server machine. Try running a tabadmin cleanup and restarting the Tableau Server machine(s).


          Http 404 - File not found errors are sometimes encountered when attempting to configure trusted authentication because the program code references a Tableau Server URL that does not exist. More info here.


          Additionally, sometimes issues connecting to Tableau Server through an SSL proxy are resolved by configuring the proxy server to forward the X-Forwarded-Proto HTTP header. More information here.


          I hope that helps.


          Best wishes,